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In An Emergency

What Do I Do First?

An emergency situation or a disaster has occurred. Adrenaline is flowing, fear is everywhere,
and is difficult to think. There is no commercial power, and the computer will not operate.
This is the time when emergency radio operators are most needed, and also the time when people
will revert to their level of training and preparation. Here is what to do first:

-1- Get yourself out of immediate danger; be absolutely certain that your family is safe.

-2- Make sure that your house and property are safe, and secure.

-3- Monitor your locally assigned  VHF  146.400 ,   147.255 pl 107.2 

-4- Follow the legitimate instructions that you receive.

If you are activated report to the OEM bldg or an assigned  location by net control 
         Bring your ARES radio gear - HT,   Go kit,  ARES Identification, cell phone,  plus any gear that
         you feel is necessary to go into the field for emergency communications.

-5- Contact your Emergency Coordinator for further instruction.

                   Pam Ware AB3PW   /  Luke n2GDU  /  Don KC2IUO