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Be Prepared

  In an Event of an Emergency ?

     Guidelines                                        Food and Water     Supply Kit     Winter Safety                       
  • Emergency Food and Water Supplies      * How to Store Emergency  Supplies,  * Easy Ways to Purify Water,  * Food storing and emergency use,  * Family Disaster Supply kit
  • Winter Storm Safety  * If You Do Get Stuck...  * Prepare a Winter Storm Plan
  • Winter Weather Terms   * What is a Winter Storm Warning * Watch * Blizzard Warning * Lake Effect Snow Warning
  • Animal Safety  Make sure you are ready to handle pets, service animals and livestock during an emergency.

Know Your Risks:
  • Find out your risks - Look at the history of disasters in your area and be aware of the types of business and manufacturing organizations in your area. Be aware of major highways, railroads or airports that could be involved in hazardous transportation. 
  • Flood Zone?  _________________________________________
  • Creek and Stream Behavior? _____________________________
  • Home Elevation?_______________________________________
 Have an Evacuation plan:( Where are you going to go?)
  • Friends/Name _____________________Phone:_______________
  • Hotel/Motel _______________________
  • Shelter___________________________
  • Evacuation Route_______________________________________

 Relatives/Friends to Contact with Emergency Information:
  • Name & Phone_________________________________________
  • Name & Phone_________________________________________
  • Name & Phone_________________________________________
  • Call your agent. Make sure you are adequately covered.
  • Auto, Property, Health, Life and/or Rental Insurance
  • Agent's Name/Phone___________________________________
  • Policy Number(s)________________________________________

Inspect and secure your home. If an Evacuation is required, be sure to check:
  • Doors and windows locked
  • Take medication,  household keys, money, cell phones, etc.

 Plan for your Pets:
  • Pets are not allowed into shelters